“I Could Make That”

I absolutely love crafts. I love the itsy bitsy crafty bits, I love figuring out my own way of making things, I love wandering what I’m going to make next. I enter a shop (normally a crazy hippy shop) and instead of looking around for something to buy, I man handle everything figuring out how it was put together.

Then I tell my Girlfriend; “I could make that”, “I am going to make one of those”, “look we could make that, let’s buy all these random things and put it together”.

However, I don’t always get round to making the million and one things on my to-do list. There’s is just too much I want to get my hands into. But, this time I did. And it was for good reason too, I’m pretty happy with the results.

I Made ThisThis is definitely my favourite thing I have ever made (and it wasn’t even for me). A present, handcrafted with love and care for my girlfriend for our 1 year anniversary. If you ignore the dark box it is laying on (that’s my girlfriends crate she has been building, the craft bug is contagious) you will see it is three fames hanging together with rope. The frames are painted and have been sanded to give them a rough distressed wood texture.

I then wrote down some of the things my Girlfriend and me have experienced together this past year. Such as, us both graduating university with a 2:1, visiting Amsterdam, how we met, us dressing as Buzz and Jessie, meeting her family, her meeting my family and much more. I then used Photshop to create three different images to go in each frame, each image contained key words from the list I created about our year together. I adjusted the typography so some are large, small, stand out, horizontal or faded. Overall, I was over the moon about what I had created, I couldn’t wait for her to receive my present. All I wanted to do is make more, which I will, I have promised myself that.

I would love some comments on what I created as I am always thinking about making more and would love some advice from other craft obsessors. I have also been thinking of making something similar to this which I would then sell, using the same concept of having key words in each frame, but using a different subject. What subject would you like to see? And do you have any tips for improvement? I hope you enjoy what I have created as much as I did (my girlfriend loved it too).


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