#Nomakeup For Cancer Research, What Is The Issue?

Everyone is talking about the ‘#Nomakeup’ selfies that are apparently raising money for Cancer Research. All over my news feed there are pictures of bare faced friends, stating they are doing their bit for charity.

However, there has been some controversy to whether these selfies actually help raise money for charity. I have heard numerous arguments to why people think this campaign is pointless. For example, these selfies are just narcissism masked as charity, people should actually do something proactive for charity and people are posting images of themselves, but are not donating. While I agree these are valid points, I personally believe that people talking about Cancer charities, Cancer Research or Cancer Awareness is better than not talking about it at all.

If hypothetically 10% of people talking about any charity actually donate,  if 5000 people were talking about Cancer Research before and now 1,00000 people are talking about it, is it  safe to say anyone who uploaded a picture of themselves (I have even seen guys posting glammed up pictures too), commented or liked a picture, re-tweeted, wrote an article for a newspaper or blog or even wrote a status or an 140 character tweet ranting about how you think it is pathetic, all helped Cancer Research raise money for charity?

It is called creating an Online Buzz. Everyone is talking about it, Hashtaging it, it is a marketing campaign. Corporations such as, Starbucks and Coca Cola are great examples of encouraging interactivity on social networks in order to get millions of people talking about them. Are you saying you didn’t see your friend’s bottle of Coca Cola with their name printed across it on Facebook and then later scan the Coca Cola shelf for your name too, only to settle for a name you just thought was hilariously funny?

And their campaign did work, according to The Telegraph, The ‘No make-up selfie’ trend helped Cancer Research UK raise £1million in 24 hours. Whatever their motives might be does it really matter. Who cares it made millions of people discuss Cancer Research, discuss Cancer awareness, it made people think about other ways to participate in other Cancer charities and it did make people donate. Mission accomplished.

Why not donate money to Cancer ResearchMacmillan Cancer, Marie CurieCLIC Sargent or Teenage Cancer Trust today? Or participate in a Race for life event (that’s what I will be doing).


4 thoughts on “#Nomakeup For Cancer Research, What Is The Issue?

  1. this particular campaign gained a lot of attention. My son who is in remission from leukaemia did the “poke your tongue out to children’s cancer” in Sept but there was a lot less media awareness of that campaign. Meanwhile we continue to do all we can to fundraise. I organised a Macmillan cake sale in my workplace. My other half took part in a swim

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    1. Hay, thank you for your comment. yes it did gain a lot of attention. And there has been many other campaigns similar to this since for various different charities. That’s great. did he enjoy taking part?

      Thank you for commenting.


  2. I agree that in the end it’s all raising the profile of these charities, but I still think it’s important to debate about it, especially since people can be so vain and eager to jump on the band wagon, and who does that help? Some I’ve seen never mention the reason for posting these images, so those living under a rock just think its another desperate attempt for attention and keep scrolling.
    That said, the amount of money raised shows the good not only in people but the in social media and being more linked in. Much happier about this trend that the last one!


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