Brandi Carlile And Her Awesomeness

A few months ago I came to the realization that one of my favorite music artists ‘Brandi Carlile’ was bringing herself to this fine (cold) place we call England. I needed tickets, but I had only just found out.

The gig had sold out, what was I to do. How could I let this opportunity of a lifetime pass.  I needed to be in the same vicinity as her.

I emailed the venue; she was performing at The Union Chapel in London. I just wanted to make sure they had sold out (maybe just maybe they would be selling another batch or something, I lived in hope). But I had no luck. I begged and pleaded on Facebook, a ticket holder may want to sell theirs. Still no luck.

Time passed and it wasn’t looking promising. I was never going to see her gig and it would probably be an extremely long time until I ever a smidge of a chance to again.

But then my girlfriend decides, “lets just go to London and we can see what happens”. And that’s what we did, we stayed with her brother and on a whim our Facebook prayers are answered and something magical happens.

After thinking this wouldn’t be possible, I managed to get tickets for Brandi Carlile’s Pin Drop Tour. To say the least it was memorizing, I left loving her more than I ever did. She performed in The Union Chapel in London, the venue was beautiful, fitting for the layout of the show. No microphones, no amps, just genuine musicians playing beautiful music.

Still can’t believe I was there 

I began to feel nervous leading up to the doors of the chapel. The feeling of excitement that I knew I was going to see something extraordinary. And what made it extra special was that I got to share it with my lovely girlfriend. She left loving her just as much as I did.

Still can’t believe I was there 


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