I’m A Work In Progress

I’m a absolute sucker for a inspirational video. This is one I stumbled on a few weeks back and I fell in love with this piece of spoken word.

This guys channel, The Anima Series, talks a lot about Faith, God and the Church (which is not really my thing). But yet, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate his words of wisdom.

I’m pretty certain most people my age can identify with this (or any age). We sometimes feel we’re not enough, we are not there yet, not in the place we should be by now. But, shouldn’t we always be learning, changing and growing? I’m a work in progress and I always will be. What I learnt most from this video is we will get there in the end and there will always be new paths and adventures to come. We are never complete, but that is what makes life exciting.

Writer/Speaker: @jonjorgenson
Channel: @TheAnimaSeries

“I may never fully reach it, but that’s no excuse to seek it, and I’m not just gonna speak it. I’m gonna live it.”


7 thoughts on “I’m A Work In Progress

  1. Yeah, very nice. I find the god-banging irritating/unnecessary. In fact, it’s kind of oxymoronic in a diatribe that purports to be about self-growth, yet constantly relates that self-growth to a superstitious belief system that involves possession by an external entity. Whatever, it’s a great piece of design/oration.


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