Travel Announcement

I have a bit of an announcement…

After a long time of deliberation, decisions and saving my girlfriend and I have made our very first steps into the daunting, yet exciting path of traveling. We have booked a one way ticket to Australia.

The plan has always been on the cards (a dream, a hopeful possibility). We have discussed and debated for a long time, “when we should go”, “how much money do we need to save”. We bagged ourselves some jobs (I really liked mine, which made it more difficult to leave), scrimped and saved, then suddenly it was time to make that dream a reality.

And here we are now with an real life date for the big adventure.

Our first stop is Australia, we will stay with my girlfriends uncle on the Gold Coast. After we have saved more pennies, we will travel the rest of Australia, then New Zealand, South East Asia and South America.

This is the basic plan, a rough idea. However, we haven’t finalised anything else other than our flight to Australia. From there we can formulate the rest of the trip.

Booking tickets has definitely made the decision to finally go feel more real. It’s finalised, but it still seems so far alway. And I’m feeling a million and one emotions, I’m anxious, excited, apprehensive, sad and happy all at the same time.

Let the adventure begin!


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