To Australia And Beyond

The beginning of our big adventure has finally arrived. We’re flying to the other side of the world, Australia, to the land down under. First stop, Beth’s uncle Mikes, then our travels begin from there. I’m both apprehensive and excited, but I’m looking forward to reaching outside of my comfort zone.

I spent most of the day last minute packing, wandering around aimlessly like a lost puppy. I had a lot to do, but didn’t know where to start. Mum and Dad made me my last breakfast (which happened to be a full English). I couldn’t quite finish it all, I was so nervous I couldn’t eat.

We made our way to the airport and it still didn’t feel real. My mum, dad and me in one car, my sister, her boyfriend and my nephew in another. Even when we arrived at the airport it still hadn’t sunk in. Beth and I checked in and then it was the time for the hard part… saying goodbye to our families.

Leaving For Australia
Leaving my mum was the hardest. When we got into departures and my family couldn’t see I covered my face with my folder with all my important airport documents (because I’m organized like that) and cried a little. As we walked around the corner we waved goodbye and then for good measure we popped our heads around again and waved again (Peek-a-boo). We both walked through security all teary-eyed (what are we like).

It’s times like this you realise how important your family is, every single one of them (no matter how annoying they all are).

After a short stop in Dubai we landed in Brisbane, our flight was slightly delayed we missed our connections bus to Mikes apartment. Luckily we were put onto the next bus (panic over).

Arrived In AustraliaWe arrived at Beth’s uncles in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast just in time for him to show us around the apartment before leaving for work. The apartment was amazing, our room looked over the canal and we could see the surfers riding waves from the balcony. It was so surreal, as if we are in Australia.

Our View

Now it was time for the long struggle to stay awake. I caught Beth ‘resting her eyes’, but we needed to power through as long as we possibly could. We decided to go for a walk, some fresh air would do us some good. When Mike and Sarah (Mikes girlfriend) got back from work they took us out for a few drinks at their local. We managed to stay awake for a few more hours, even if Beth nearly fell off her chair.

Surfers Paradise BeachIn the end we did really well and stayed awake till 10pm. A well deserved sleep in a real bed was definitely in order.


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