Photo Diary – Gold Coast To Cairns

Last week I wrote about our trip from the Gold Coast to Cairns so I decided to put together a photo diary of just a few of the pictures from our adventure.

We made our way to Noosa then Hervey Bay. Plus our trip to Fraser Island. We walked through the rainforest and swam in Lake Mackenzie.

We then travelled to Agnes Water, where we watched sunsets and drove a motorbike around beautiful hills. Then we made our way to Airlie Beach to snorkel and visit the Witsunday Islands.

We stopped in Townsville and visited the The Billabong Sanctuary, petted Kangaroos and fed Turtles. Then we travelled to our last stop Cairns to snorkel with the fish and visit the Great Barrier Reef.


2 thoughts on “Photo Diary – Gold Coast To Cairns

  1. Wow! Great photos of what looks like an amazing trip! I would love to visit Australia but the flight is a little intimidating. I don’t mind flying but from here in the US the length of the flight is obscenely long.

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    1. Thanks, it was a great trip! Loved it. Yes the flight is super long, and I’m scared of flying too. But once you get here you forget how long it took you to get here! Hehe.
      Thanks for commenting.

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