Hello, I’m JESSIE! A Media and Journalism Graduate turned Marketing Assistant at JobsTheWord.

I created this blog so I could build on my passion for creative media, design, marketing and writing. But also so I can express my general curiousness. 

You will soon find out that I have an extremely positive outlook on life. I’m always looking to learn new things. My current mantra in life is ‘your only fear is possibility’. Whether it’s the fear of success, failure or the fear of what others think, we fear what could be possible. But this only hinders our own experiences. Instead we must embed trust in ourselves and what we can achieve. You will also find out that Jessie Drinks coffee, thinks ideas, browses the Internet, writes to-do lists, listens to to genuine musicians, judges no one and forgives everyone.

Please stick around and take peek at the rest of my blog. Let your curiosity run wild.

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  1. Thank you for following! I appreciate the feedback. I would normally make a comment about your content here too, but I simply haven’t had the chance to look through it yet. My apologies that, currently, the feedback is one way!


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