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I’m proud to announce I’ve moved

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You can now find me at Curiousjessie.com.

I look forward to seeing you there!


The Best Of The Blog So Far

I have been Blogging for a while now (sporadically), but I want to start posting more regularly. To mark my new blogging motivation I wanted to update you with some of my best posts so far. Why not share yours too in the comments bellow.

Why I Started A Blog
I first starting blogging many years ago; which I deleted. I was young and looking back it was dreadful. A few years later I started this. The main reason I started blogging again was so… (Read More)

Three Social Media Mix-Ups
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Gold Coast To Cairns In 17 Days
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Now I’ve  shared some of my best post, why not share one of yours too. Share your link bellow and I will check them out. 

Excuse Me, What Have You Been Doing?

It appears I’ve been hopeless at writing on here lately. I have let you guys down; I haven’t posted in over a month. Don’t hesitate; tell me, “You really need to up your game”.

Therefore, I’ve dedicated some time to set out a plan and brainstorm a bunch of topics. This is probably why I drop off the Blogosphere so many times; I find something I really want to tell you about, post it and then have no indication to what I will do next.

Guys, I want to make a promise, I’m going to make an effort to actually Blog properly from this day forward, with my plan in hand.

Excuse Me, What The F**k Have You Been Doing?

A little and a lot has been happening lately. While we have been up to lots since I last posted we have actually been in Australia for 5 months now (that’s much longer than we anticipated).

After our trip to Cairns Beth and I landed ourselves some jobs. The job involved approaching strangers on the street, which isn’t really me (I can be a little shy at times). But I decided I would give it a go; maybe it would be good for me. Beth was ‘obviously’ good at it, she is a little chatter box.

After getting jobs most of our time was spent working lots, enjoying the sun, relaxing, drinking and generally enjoying our stay on the Gold Coast. It’s kind of been like this is our new home.

Beth’s mum also came to visit Australia; it was wonderful spending time with her. While she was her we spent lots of time at the beach, having pool days, we visited Byron Bay, walked in Springbrook National Park, ate out at restaurants, took a boat trip in Surfers and had ‘one’ drink in the Palazzo Versace. Beth was really sad to see her mummy go.

We celebrated Christmas in the Australian sunshine (which was unusual). We ate Prawns, walked along the beach in our Christmas hats and drank a fir few beverages. It was a lovely day, but I missed my family so much. It wasn’t the same without them.

For New Year we had tickets for Byron Bay Falls Festival, we counted down to 2016 with the Wombats (which is actually a Liverpool Band) on the stage. The festival was awesome, we listened to musicians we did not know, got drunk and was snug as a bug in a rug in our tiny tent.Byron Bay Falls FestivalThen we stumbled into a little set back. We were making our way back from the festival in Byron to the Gold Coasts, tent and rucksacks weighing heavily upon our backs when Beth fell off a curb. Doesn’t sound dramatic, it’s just a curb, how much damage can a curb do? She limped to the bus stop and we waited (Beth in agony) for our bus to take us back to safety. When we got back we decided it would be best to go the doctors in the morning. An x-ray later we learnt she had fractured two bones and would need to be in a cast for 6 weeks. What were we to do? To make matters worse I was fired from my job (because I’m rather shy and wasn’t very good). Now we’re both not working. It was to be decided, fate had given us no choice, we have been here too long, and it’s time to start the rest of our adventure.

We are currently waiting for Beth’s foot to mend so we can be on our way. She has around 2 weeks until the cast can be taken off. Now all we need to do is get all our plans in order for the next leg of the trip.

Next stop: Sydney
Date of departure: Unknown
Bones healed: 2

3 Things I’m Grateful For Right Now

3 Things I'm Grateful For Right Now

Sometimes it’s easy to focus on what we don’t have, rather than what we do have. I think it’s important to take time out to remember all the things you are grateful for. So I have set myself a ‘wee’ gratitude challenge, to list 3 things I am grateful for.

1. the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful

1: The Sunshine
As you may have heard my girlfriend and I are living and working in Australia at present. We thought this would be a great way to get out and see the other side of the world, and at the same time save extra money to put towards the rest of our travels. Ultimately enjoying the sunshine while we are here.

2: My Family
I’m always grateful for my family so this could be mentioned every single ‘frigin’ time. Being away from home certainly makes you appreciate them even more. They are very silly and very loud sometimes. I miss our loud chats in the kitchen talking about absolutely nothing and the cups of tea my mum brings me in bed (but I guess I have Beth for that now).

3: Beth’s Uncle
We are staying at Beth’s uncle Mike while we are here in Australia, so I am definitely thankful for their hospitality. He is letting us stay in his home and make it our own, this means we have a great place to enjoy, work and save for our travels which I am truly grateful for.

Photo Diary – Gold Coast To Cairns

Last week I wrote about our trip from the Gold Coast to Cairns so I decided to put together a photo diary of just a few of the pictures from our adventure.

We made our way to Noosa then Hervey Bay. Plus our trip to Fraser Island. We walked through the rainforest and swam in Lake Mackenzie.

We then travelled to Agnes Water, where we watched sunsets and drove a motorbike around beautiful hills. Then we made our way to Airlie Beach to snorkel and visit the Witsunday Islands.

We stopped in Townsville and visited the The Billabong Sanctuary, petted Kangaroos and fed Turtles. Then we travelled to our last stop Cairns to snorkel with the fish and visit the Great Barrier Reef.