Excuse Me, What Have You Been Doing?

It appears I’ve been hopeless at writing on here lately. I have let you guys down; I haven’t posted in over a month. Don’t hesitate; tell me, “You really need to up your game”.

Therefore, I’ve dedicated some time to set out a plan and brainstorm a bunch of topics. This is probably why I drop off the Blogosphere so many times; I find something I really want to tell you about, post it and then have no indication to what I will do next.

Guys, I want to make a promise, I’m going to make an effort to actually Blog properly from this day forward, with my plan in hand.

Excuse Me, What The F**k Have You Been Doing?

A little and a lot has been happening lately. While we have been up to lots since I last posted we have actually been in Australia for 5 months now (that’s much longer than we anticipated).

After our trip to Cairns Beth and I landed ourselves some jobs. The job involved approaching strangers on the street, which isn’t really me (I can be a little shy at times). But I decided I would give it a go; maybe it would be good for me. Beth was ‘obviously’ good at it, she is a little chatter box.

After getting jobs most of our time was spent working lots, enjoying the sun, relaxing, drinking and generally enjoying our stay on the Gold Coast. It’s kind of been like this is our new home.

Beth’s mum also came to visit Australia; it was wonderful spending time with her. While she was her we spent lots of time at the beach, having pool days, we visited Byron Bay, walked in Springbrook National Park, ate out at restaurants, took a boat trip in Surfers and had ‘one’ drink in the Palazzo Versace. Beth was really sad to see her mummy go.

We celebrated Christmas in the Australian sunshine (which was unusual). We ate Prawns, walked along the beach in our Christmas hats and drank a fir few beverages. It was a lovely day, but I missed my family so much. It wasn’t the same without them.

For New Year we had tickets for Byron Bay Falls Festival, we counted down to 2016 with the Wombats (which is actually a Liverpool Band) on the stage. The festival was awesome, we listened to musicians we did not know, got drunk and was snug as a bug in a rug in our tiny tent.Byron Bay Falls FestivalThen we stumbled into a little set back. We were making our way back from the festival in Byron to the Gold Coasts, tent and rucksacks weighing heavily upon our backs when Beth fell off a curb. Doesn’t sound dramatic, it’s just a curb, how much damage can a curb do? She limped to the bus stop and we waited (Beth in agony) for our bus to take us back to safety. When we got back we decided it would be best to go the doctors in the morning. An x-ray later we learnt she had fractured two bones and would need to be in a cast for 6 weeks. What were we to do? To make matters worse I was fired from my job (because I’m rather shy and wasn’t very good). Now we’re both not working. It was to be decided, fate had given us no choice, we have been here too long, and it’s time to start the rest of our adventure.

We are currently waiting for Beth’s foot to mend so we can be on our way. She has around 2 weeks until the cast can be taken off. Now all we need to do is get all our plans in order for the next leg of the trip.

Next stop: Sydney
Date of departure: Unknown
Bones healed: 2


Photo Diary – Gold Coast To Cairns

Last week I wrote about our trip from the Gold Coast to Cairns so I decided to put together a photo diary of just a few of the pictures from our adventure.

We made our way to Noosa then Hervey Bay. Plus our trip to Fraser Island. We walked through the rainforest and swam in Lake Mackenzie.

We then travelled to Agnes Water, where we watched sunsets and drove a motorbike around beautiful hills. Then we made our way to Airlie Beach to snorkel and visit the Witsunday Islands.

We stopped in Townsville and visited the The Billabong Sanctuary, petted Kangaroos and fed Turtles. Then we travelled to our last stop Cairns to snorkel with the fish and visit the Great Barrier Reef.

Gold Coast To Cairns In 17 Days

Gold Coast To Cairns In 17 Days

After taking on board some helpful suggestions we decided to put our trip to Cairns forward (due to the wet season ahead). This also meant we would return back to the Gold Coast in prime time to get jobs. We allocated a short 17 day trip from the 2nd September to the 18th, stopping at a few destinations along the way. We also thought this would be a great introduction to travelling.

We didn’t realize most hostels offer a free pick up from the bus station. Beth and I arrived in Noosa and wandered around carrying our full rucksacks questioning “why had we brought so many unnecessary things”, this was only supposed to be a short trip (you can tell we aren’t experienced backpackers)

Stuck in a room with two ‘smelly’ boys who weren’t welcoming, we felt rather awkward (especially when one of them came out of the bathroom in just his towel). Maybe we felt more uncomfortable because we haven’t done anything like this before. We needed time to adjust to this traveling malarkey.

We didn’t feel very relaxed with our new ‘smelly’ room buddies, so we decided to explore our new surroundings. After a a stroll around Noosa, pub for some grub and drinks was in order. After that we went back and booked our next stop (we weren’t very organized).

While away on our bite sized adventure Beth and I celebrated our three-year anniversary at Hervey Bay. It was lovely that we got to spend it together on the other side of the world. I wonder where we will be and what we will be doing in a year’s time on our 4th. Crazy.

Hervey bay is full of bats (literally chocker blocker). There’s an information trail that we strolled along. We watched them hang on the trees and squabble with each other (over food, I bet). They amazed Beth, but I was more concerned I might catch rabies.

You can’t travel up the East Coast of Australia without visiting some of the beautiful beaches along the way. I’m not a huge fan of sunbathing (I get way too bored easily) so a nice stroll on the beach suited me perfectly.

After driving up the beach in a 4 by 4, we arrived at the fresh water creek. Once we braved the cold, it was a really lovely experience. This was definitely my favourite part of the day. The only thing missing was a rubber ring for us to relax in (oh and a nice cold beer).

While the walk through the rainforest was shorter than anticipated, it was actually really interesting. The tour guide was genuinely passionate about all the trees and wildlife. He explained how loggers destroyed some of the forest on Fraser Island, subsequently killing a 1000-year-old tree.

Our last stop on the Island was Lake McKenzie, a ‘perched’ lake, formed by rain water accumulating on top of a layer of decaying twigs and leaves. This means the water is completely pure and believed to be great for your skin. So Beth and I jumped in hoping to be instantly soft and silky (instead  we were instantly FREEZING).

Agnes Water

The Hostel at Agnes Water was the most welcoming of them all. We arrived at night and even though the Hostel was only a 5 minute walk away the staff came and greeted us and showed us the way. The owner had bear feet and dreadlocks (we loved him already). They even offered to drive us to pick up a few beers. Afterwards we got to know our new friends, drank and played beer pong (it was like being back at uni).

We had heard a lot of people mention how great the Scooteroo Tour  was, so we decided to give it ago. I have never driven, let alone driven a motorbike, so I was really nervous (secretly). But the instructors were very helpful. We dressed up in biker gear and had a practice run. Then it was off to drive through the hills of Agnes Water and Town of 1770. I thought I was driving fast and Beth thought it wasn’t fast enough (guess who’s the thrill seeker). 

The staff at the Hostel mentioned that there is a great lookout spot near the area to watch the sunset. We drove up to the spot with one of our new friends and perched ourselves waiting for the sun to set. I have seen so many lovely sunsets since being in Australia, but it never gets boring.

After a 10-hour (uncomfortable) coach journey we arrived at Airlie Beach and crashed at the hostel. We then gained the energy to get up and out to explore. We stumbled upon a Market taking place and decided it must be a sign we need to do a little spot of shopping. We bought some bracelets and hippie pants (the essentials).

Airlie Beach has an amazing Lagoon, deadly creatures such as jellyfish means it’s unsafe to swim in the sea. For safety they created the Lagoon so everyone can still enjoy days out to the beach without danger. We sunbathed and enjoyed the sun while taking in the beautiful surroundings.

I’ve noticed we both love to just wander and see where the path takes us (a mooch we call it). After relaxing at the Lagoon we went on one of our little walks. We ended up at the harbour where we found a nice bar. We met a few of the locals and started speaking to a couple that lived on a boat (what a life they must lead). They were really friendly and gave us plenty of advice on trips we could take from Airlie Beach.

Whitsunday Islands
A trip to the Whitsunday Islands is a must, so we booked a trip on the Thundercat, which is basically a boat that is extraordinarily fast (two 300 horse power engines to be exact). After being given rain ponchos and dry bags to protect ourselves and our things, I should have known this was a bad idea. Waves hit us from every direction; it was scary (Beth loved it).

The sand  on Whitehaven Beach was so soft and white, nothing like any other beach I have ever been on. It’s actually thought to be one of the top 10 beaches in the world (I can definitely see why). This was my favourite part of the day, I just wish we could of stayed on it for longer.

I was very nervous about snorkelling at first, I’ve never done it before (plus I’m not the most confident swimmer). The boat stopped at the first snorkelling site. We got into our gear and jumped into the freezing cold water. We swam around for a while looking at some of the fish and reef. It was more fun than I expected.


We visited The Billabong Sanctuary in Townsvillle. It’s a lovely zoo with lots of different Australian animals. There were Kangaroos hopping around everywhere and little Joeys too. You are given food to feed them when you arrive, at first I was quite nervous, but they turned out to be really friendly. They were so cute and they even hold your hands (aww).

There were lots of other animals to meet at the Sanctuary, including cassowaries, crocodiles, snakes, dingos and some beautiful Koala bears. The Koalas are very lazy and most were sleeping, but I had the pleasure of cuddling one. Since I am missing my doggies at home, this was a much needed warm cuddle with a furry animal.

Beth was especially excited about this part, she has an obsession with turtles (nothing to do with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I promise). We were given some pieces of fish, knelt down and the little turtles popped out from the lake for a bite to eat. The instructor told us, “be careful if you are wearing thongs (flip-flops) they might try and nibble your feet”, so I was very cautious I didn’t loose any toes.

We packed some sun-cream, beach towels, sunnies and a book and headed for the Lagoon. We spent the day sunbathing and pretended we were at the beach.

After a day wandering around Cairns, taking in the sights and visiting lots of the stores and markets we stopped for some lunch. We picked a nice spot looking out to the sea. I had calamari as usual and washed it down with a nice cold beer.

The Hostel we stayed at in Cairns was also quite friendly. The guys invited us to a drinks and pizza night. We had a few drinks with everybody at the Hostel first and then headed out to fill our bellies. There was plenty of dancing before heading back, overall a great night.

From Cairns we took a boat trip out to the Great Barrier Reef. This time the snorkelling experience was much better (plus I was feeling more confident). There was more to see, more fish and more reef. Instructors guided everyone and showed us the best parts. They would snorkel down to the bottom of the Reef showing us the sea life bellow. I even held a starfish.

The boat stopped off at a wonderful sandbank. It was beautiful; it was in the middle of nowhere and only comes to the surface at certain times of the day. The longer we stayed on the sandbank the bigger it grew. Some people snorkelled around the bank, others sunbathed and we even played football.

Everyone was determined to see a turtle, earlier we spotted one while snorkelling but he wasn’t very close. But while we lay on the sandbank someone shouted, “over here” Beth and I grabbed our snorkelling gear and jumped into the sea. When we dunked our heads he was there, he was beautiful and orange (I think he was a Loggerhead sea turtle). Because we had swam off the sandbank he was really close, close enough to touch. He was looking up at us thinking, “what the hell are you guys looking at”. He didn’t look real, he was postcard worthy.

(Beth scuba dived)

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our introductory trip away. It certainly gave us a little snippet of what’s in-store for the rest of the year. Now we are back on the Gold Coast ready to work hard so we can fund the rest of our big adventure.

To Australia And Beyond

To Australia And Beyond

The beginning of our big adventure has finally arrived. We’re flying to the other side of the world, Australia, to the land down under. First stop, Beth’s uncle Mikes, then our travels begin from there. I’m both apprehensive and excited, but I’m looking forward to reaching outside of my comfort zone.

I spent most of the day last minute packing, wandering around aimlessly like a lost puppy. I had a lot to do, but didn’t know where to start. Mum and Dad made me my last breakfast (which happened to be a full English). I couldn’t quite finish it all, I was so nervous I couldn’t eat.

We made our way to the airport and it still didn’t feel real. My mum, dad and me in one car, my sister, her boyfriend and my nephew in another. Even when we arrived at the airport it still hadn’t sunk in. Beth and I checked in and then it was the time for the hard part… saying goodbye to our families.

Leaving For Australia
Leaving my mum was the hardest. When we got into departures and my family couldn’t see I covered my face with my folder with all my important airport documents (because I’m organized like that) and cried a little. As we walked around the corner we waved goodbye and then for good measure we popped our heads around again and waved again (Peek-a-boo). We both walked through security all teary-eyed (what are we like).

It’s times like this you realise how important your family is, every single one of them (no matter how annoying they all are).

After a short stop in Dubai we landed in Brisbane, our flight was slightly delayed we missed our connections bus to Mikes apartment. Luckily we were put onto the next bus (panic over).

Arrived In AustraliaWe arrived at Beth’s uncles in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast just in time for him to show us around the apartment before leaving for work. The apartment was amazing, our room looked over the canal and we could see the surfers riding waves from the balcony. It was so surreal, as if we are in Australia.

Our View

Now it was time for the long struggle to stay awake. I caught Beth ‘resting her eyes’, but we needed to power through as long as we possibly could. We decided to go for a walk, some fresh air would do us some good. When Mike and Sarah (Mikes girlfriend) got back from work they took us out for a few drinks at their local. We managed to stay awake for a few more hours, even if Beth nearly fell off her chair.

Surfers Paradise BeachIn the end we did really well and stayed awake till 10pm. A well deserved sleep in a real bed was definitely in order.